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Business Insurance Coverage

As your company grows and changes over time – and as industry regulations change - you may need to reassess your current insurance needs and possibly consider adding new ones. At ADPIA, we’ll help you determine what insurance coverage is right for your unique situation, and work one-on-one with you to help develop an insurance strategy that meets your current and long-term business needs.

Our licensed professionals can help you:

  • Manage Rising Costs

    Several states, including New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida, have approved substantial rate increases in health insurance1 and workers’ compensation for 2013. To help you keep healthcare costs and workers’ compensation premiums down, we can match you with affordable insurance plans, and keep you aware of potential premium and/or tax credit opportunities.

  • Get Better Service

    Consider ADPIA a strong ally in your corner. We’re dedicated to helping you every step of the way—from getting answers to all your insurance questions, to assisting you in managing the complex aspects of your policy: including on-boarding and enrollment, renewal and even your year-end workers’ compensation audit.

  • Compliance

    We understand that keeping up with the many changes introduced by healthcare reform can be difficult. In fact, a recent study found that understanding the changing healthcare landscape is the number one benefits challenge for 64% of small employers.2 Our knowledgeable combination of compliance tools and resources will help guide you in navigating today’s healthcare laws.


    Medical Insurance 

    Health Insurance

    Health insurance offers your employees coverage for necessary medical services via healthcare providers that are covered by your plan.

    Dental Insurance 

    Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance offers your employees coverage for necessary dental services via dental practitioners that are covered by your plan.

    BOP policy 
    Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

    A BOP may save you money by combining the coverage of business property insurance and general liability into one affordable policy.


    Payroll icon
    Payroll Integration

    By connecting your business insurance and payroll services we can help you better manage costs, cash flow, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

    Vision insurance icon 
    Vision Insurance

    Give your employees access to eye care and related services via your chosen carrier’s provider network.

    Umbrella insurance icon 
    Umbrella Insurance

    An Umbrella policy supplements your existing insurance policy's general liability, auto liability and employers liability limits.

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    2 "Portrait of America's Small Companies." Aflac: WorkForces Report 2011,Sept. 2010, http://www.aflac.com/us/en/docs/awr_docs/Z100747C.PDF.