Improving workflow and easing administration frees up workers to focus on clients

Situation: Year-end workers' compensation reconciliations and other back-office tasks were distracting employees from focusing on patient care.

Solution: ADP Workforce Now® with Pay-by-Pay® and workers’ compensation through Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA®).

Results: Significant gains in back-office efficiency, including the ability to calculate workers’ compensation premium payments based on payroll data, which greatly reduced efforts around year-end reconciliation.

Richard Butler, Chief Operating Officer at Etairos Health

We realized we would need to align with a provider that could offer better options for our company and found a solution with ADP Workforce Now. And with ADPIA and ADP's Pay-By-Pay, I have the confidence that our workers' compensation reporting is accurate.

Richard Butler, Chief Operating Officer
Etairos Health

Finding solutions with ADP Workforce Now

Etairos Health is a provider of home-based care services with a specialization in providing nursing and medical services. Richard Butler, chief operating officer chose to partner with ADP® for payroll and their affiliate, ADPIA as broker for workers' compensation.

The company had been using another service provider for payroll processing. When they began growing quickly due to a series of acquisitions, management realized that they would need to align with a provider that could offer better options. They found a solution with ADP Workforce Now and ADPIA.

“ADP Workforce Now not only provided an excellent payroll processing solution, but it has also been vital in helping us accurately track time and attendance of our staff,” said Richard. “We are somewhat unique in the healthcare space, as our employees receive their patient schedules electronically and work remotely. ADP Workforce Now allows them to log in, to request PTO and allows us to effectively monitor attendance and manage our labor costs.”

Improving the accuracy of workers’ compensation premium payments

Before using ADP's Pay-by-Pay premium payment program for workers' compensation, Etairos would often arrive at year-end having to work through an audit reconciliation due to natural fluctuations in total wages. They were looking for a solution that would calculate what was owed every month, to help minimize the work at year-end.

With ADPIA and ADP's Pay-By-Pay, Etairos can confidently provide workers' compensation reporting that is accurate to actual payroll. This has eliminated the need to devote any additional time to year-end reconciliation and allowed employees to focus their energies on continuing to grow the business.


What Etairos works for every day is to make the most informed and impactful decisions in caring for patients. This requires focusing a lot of time and attention to the information that helps make those decisions.

The features and benefits of working with ADP and ADPIA have been well received by employees too. During open enrollment, employees have been able to review their benefit options at home. This helped them to take their time and select the packages best suited for them and their families. Perks like direct deposit, the ADP Mobile App and the Wisely paycard delivered additional flexibility and convenience.

In the end, using ADP Workforce Now and Pay-By-Pay along with insurance with ADPIA as broker has allowed the people at Etairos to spend less time on payroll, insurance and other administrative tasks. Instead, they can focus their energy where it is needed the most - on accomplishing the goals of the business.