A growing start-up gets stress-free health benefits and payroll solutions

Situation: As a growing start-up, XRM Media wanted to present a better human resources experience to its staff and future hires, including a more robust benefits package and easy-to-use payroll solution.

Solution: Medical, dental and vision health plans offered through Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA®) , with online benefits administration using the ADPIA Benefits Manager portal and RUN Powered by ADP® for payroll.

Results: More health plan and carrier options with easy employee and administrator access and user-friendly functionalities all added up to a robust, seamless and time-saving solution.

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Benefits Manager from ADPIA was exactly what we needed to make the benefits process run smoothly — especially for new hires. It's so easy to understand and I can count on it to dot the I's and cross the T's. I feel like I have a partner in helping our employees.

Whitney Gries, Executive Administrator
XRM Media

XRM Media is a media technology company that creates cross-cultural, family-oriented content across emerging platforms. As they grew, it became clear that the company needed to get processes in place that increased employee engagement — without increasing the administrative work.

Health benefits the right way — right from the start

Explains Whitney Gries, executive administrator at XRM Media, “Health benefits are new to our company. We wanted to show our employees how much we value them and ADPIA is the first company we worked with that gave us the solutions to achieve that.”

XRM Media wanted to offer multiple medical, dental and vision plans to meet employees' needs in a way that was affordable for the employees and the company. Ultimately, they chose ADPIA as their insurance partner. With a multitude of carrier relationships nationwide, ADPIA gave XRM Media access to a variety of plans that fit their unique requirements.

"ADPIA not only broke everything down for me — what it was going to cost our company, what the premiums would be per employee — they also made sure we understood the copays, the waiting periods and all the details. I really value that. It was so incredibly helpful,” explains Whitney.

With a company benefits package selected, Whitney was then able to point employees to ADPIA’s Benefits Manager self-service portal where they could consider the options available to them. There they could go over their benefits options, enroll and make changes to their coverage. When questions came up, an ADPIA employee liaison helped them reach a resolution – all with no additional stress on administrators.

Easy payroll integration

With growth came other changes too. XRM Media has moved away from 1099 contractors to W-2 employees. That has necessitated better payroll services — and a process that could help ensure accuracy without a heavy administrative burden.

With RUN Powered by ADP® for payroll, XRM Media is now able to process payroll anytime, anywhere, smoothly and securely. Even without prior experience in human resources and payroll, XRM Media made the transition and was quickly up to speed with the new features. And because their ADP payroll was integrated with ADPIA, benefits premiums have been set up to be deducted automatically, easing administration.

The impact

Health coverage, Benefits Manager from ADPIA and RUN Powered by ADP for payroll have helped transform XRM Media from a start-up to an established production. In addition to offering a choice of benefits plans, XRM Media also has access to a team of experts to help with plan selection and benefits questions and online tools to make it all easier. The result: Less time spent managing payroll and benefits and more time focused on growing the business.