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Health & Benefits insurance made easier.

Service & Support

At ADPIA, we take business insurance personally. Ask the 100,000+ businesses we’ve helped find just the right coverage.
But our commitment to better business insurance doesn't end there. We're with you every step of the way, with support, solutions and simplicity you can count on. We’ve got you covered, so you can focus on keeping your business moving forward.


When you need answers, we’re here to assist.

  • Dedicated, licensed representatives available M-F from 8:30AM-8:00PM EST
  • Resolution specialists who continually monitor your policy for carrier issues and work proactively to resolve them
  • Bilingual support available on our language line
  • Resources like live and on-demand webinars, breaking news alerts and our monthly e-newsletter Inside Coverage help you stay connected and informed

Pay-by-Pay users benefit from an audit variance of 10% or less compared to 35% industry average.


Tired of hefty upfront workers’ compensation premium deposits and expensive surprises at audit time? ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program could be the answer. Available via our affiliate ADP, Pay-by-Pay bases your premium payments on your actual payroll data and carrier rates, so you benefit from:

  • Improved monthly premium payment accuracy
  • Reduced impact of year-end audits
  • Maximized cash flow
  • SuMonthly reporting to help identify potential issues like expensive employee misclassifications


Licensed representatives break down complicated insurance requirements so they’re easy to understand. For example, annual workers’ compensation carrier audits are a necessary part of every policy, but with ADPIA behind you they don’t have to be disruptive or time-consuming:

  • Exclusive support from licensed audit specialists
  • Detailed Pay-by-Pay reporting to assist with documentation
  • Reduced impact on cash flow due to unexpected “catch up” payments

When it comes to business health insurance, the people behind the policy make all the difference. Let ADPIA show you how we can make a difference in your business.

Client Support

Health & Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency (“ADPIA”)

  1. What are your hours of operations?

Health & Benefits Clients: We can be reached Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST at 1-866-892-3383. Or email us at insurance@adp.com.

  1. How do I view secure email from ADP and ADPIA?

View our reference guide for details.

  1. How do I make changes to my authorized insurance contact information?

You can make changes to your authorized insurance contact information by filling out the authorization form.  Once completed, email it back to insurance@adp.com.

  1. What should I do if I receive a notice of policy cancellation?

To ensure that your coverage is uninterrupted, it’s imperative that you contact Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency immediately upon receiving a notice of cancellation.

Health & Benefits

  1. Once I switch my benefits over to ADPIA, who will be my contact?

Upon transitioning your benefits, we will assign you a dedicated Client Executive who will be your main point of contact for all service opportunities or general questions you have regarding your current health insurance plans.

  1. Can you assist us with our payroll?

In general, we will not be able to assist you with running your payroll or updating payroll records. However, we can assist you with payroll deductions for your groups’ medical benefits, if you are part of ADP Health and Benefits Advantage plan. This service integrates your benefit offerings with your payroll for simplified management of insurance premium deductions. Contact your Client Executive to learn more.

  1. What are the benefits of ADP Health and Benefits Advantage plan?

As a client, you may qualify for ADP Health & Benefits Advantage Powered by Pay-by-Pay®, a solution that automates the payment of your insurance premiums, offering you:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced risk of late payments
  • Enhanced payment accuracy

  1. Can you provide support for general policy administration?

Yes. Your dedicated Client Manager can provide assistance with all of your staffing changes, and policy or billing questions; as well as explain benefit details, employee claim resolution or correspondence from your insurance carrier.

  1. Do you offer COBRA administration?

While Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency does not handle the actual administration of COBRA benefits, we are happy to help guide you through the process of how to properly administer COBRA to your employees.

  1. Can you help guide me in complying with today’s health care laws?

Yes. We understand that remaining compliant with various federal, state and local requirements can be a complex responsibility—particularly in light of evolving regulatory standards like the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, our licensed Client Managers can guide you in staying up to date with the latest health care regulations.

  1. Where can I find important updates about Health Care Reform?

Visit our Insights & Tools section to read the latest news on Affordable Care Act (ACA) here.  You can also subscribe to “Eye on Washington”, and ADP, Inc. publication, to receive email alerts on the latest legislative news.
In addition, as an ADPIA client, you will receive a monthly newsletter keeping you informed of relevant current events in the health & benefits industry.
Lastly, your dedicated Client Executive keeps aware of changes, and will share any important updates with you.

This informational is general and not intended as insurance, tax or legal advice. The terms of any in force insurance policy and the rules and laws of the state shall govern a specific situation. If you need information on how these terms may apply to your business, please consult with a licensed insurance professional, financial or tax advisor or legal counsel.