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Choose the right insurance for your business

ADPIA® has the knowledge, experience and options to help you to protect your business.

Finding the right coverage can be tricky. We're here to help

Your coverage needs will change with your business — and so will insurance products and government regulations. You can rely on Automated Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA®) to help you find the right business insurance coverage today and in the future.

Business insurance life cycle

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Choosing the right coverage

We can assist you in finding the right coverage to meet your company’s insurance needs.

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Starting a business

Starting a business means investing a lot of time and effort. Make sure you protect that investment with the right coverage, right from the start.

I'm starting a business. Where should I begin?
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Re-evaluating your insurance

Businesses grow and change — new employees, job types and locations. It's important to make sure your coverage keeps up.

Do I have the right coverage for my business?

Why the right coverage matters

With the right business insurance, you can:

Manage rising costs

Selecting business insurance and employee benefits are important financial decisions. Work with us to get the advice and options you need.

Get better service

Have a question about your business insurance claims, audit and policy changes? Need help managing health related questions from your employees? You can count on ADPIA to help you every step of the way.

Simplify insurance

As your business changes, we're here every step of the way, from Day 1 through renewal.

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ADPIA connects more than 175,000 companies with workers' compensation, business and group health insurance.

Whether you’re just starting out or re-evaluating your needs, you can rely on our knowledgeable, licensed agents. We're here to help.

Why ADPIA? Here’s what our clients have to say…

9 out of 10

clients say that switching to ADPIA was easy.

4 out of 5

clients agree ADPIA has simplified their insurance administrative process compared to their previous agency or broker.

4 out of 5

clients prefer ADPIA over their previous agency or broker.

4 out of 5

ADPIA clients are more likely to recommend ADPIA than their previous agency or broker, to another small business.

Internal survey of 589 ADPIA® clients in 2022 that used another insurance agent or broker or dealt directly with the insurance company before coming to ADPIA.

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