Premium only plan (POP)

Help your employees reduce tax expenses, while better managing your healthcare costs.

Factory owner opens folder to review POP benefits for his business and employees

Premium Only Plans benefit both you and your employees

Tax benefits for your business:

  • Reduce your payroll tax costs (Social Security, Medicare and other payroll tax expenses).
  • Offsets the rising cost of benefit premiums with your payroll tax savings.
  • Decreases your health insurance contributions with little to no effect on employee costs.

Tax benefits for employees:

  • Employees' taxable salary is reduced because they will use pre-tax dollars to pay part of their insurance premiums.
  • The amount of their take-home pay increases because they pay less tax.
Smiling woman receives support from ADPIA on phone

Getting your premium only plan set up couldn’t be simpler

With Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA), a dedicated team of professionals will help you to calculate your savings and implement your POP. Your ADPIA team will deliver the service and support you want, including:

  • Delivering summaries and documentation
  • Providing access to ongoing plan reporting
  • Maintaining documents to help keep you in compliance
  • Integrating your POP into your ADP payroll processing

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