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ADPIA Prescription Insurance

Pharmacy Benefit: A Key Part of
Your Company's Benefits Package

For many employees, prescription medicines can be as vital as the care they receive from their physicians.

Prescription Insurance

Medications aid daily efforts to remain healthy, manage symptoms and limit the need for direct medical care, whether employees are dealing with acute illness or suffering from a chronic condition.

To gain maximum value from your investment in a pharmacy benefit, it must work hand-in-hand with your medical coverage. ADPIA’s licensed insurance professionals can help you evaluate your pharmacy benefit choices, taking into account features like these:

  • Plan formulary. A formulary is simply a list of available medicines under a particular plan. A quality formulary will include vital drugs for acute and chronic diseases.
  • Tiered pricing. Drugs are often grouped into tiers, with the cost to the employee (co-pay) determined by the tier in which the medication is placed. Many formularies have three pricing tiers, with generics as the lowest cost option.

Demystifying Pharmacy Benefits

As the workforce ages, pharmacy benefits are likely to become more important than ever to employees. We’ll work with you to determine what’s right for you and your staff, and help you find the pharmacy benefit coverage that gives everyone the best possible value.

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