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Small Business Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Comp

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Nearly every state requires businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect them and their employees if a workplace accident occurs.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Because Accidents Happen

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits, such as medical care and compensation for lost income, to employees who suffer an occupational disease or accidental injury while at work.

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage is necessary regardless of fault — an injured employee need not sue you  in order to obtain benefits. Moreover, an injured worker is generally eligible for benefits even if his or her negligence contributed to the injury.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Fall back protection

State workers’ compensation laws typically provide the following types of benefits:

  • Medical Coverage: Includes doctor visits, hospital care, prescription medications, physical therapy and other medical treatments.
  • Disability: Provides partial replacement of income lost when workers are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury. The disability may be temporary or permanent, and partial or total.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: Enables workers who cannot return to their prior occupation to learn a new skill based on their current capabilities.
  • Death Benefits: Afforded to the spouse and minor children if a worker loses his or her life on the job.

Why ADPIA? In a word, experience.

Navigating the world of workers’ compensation can be frustrating. When you choose ADPIA, you gain the experience of a team that knows workers’ comp inside and out. We’ll work with you to provide:

  • Smart, strategic guidance for your growing business.
  • The right coverage from the right carrier to protect you and your employees.
  • Resources to help you make sense of the changing Workers’ Compensation landscape.
  • Support so you can focus on your goals.

We’ve helped over 100,000 small and midsized businesses find just the right coverage — so they can concentrate on more strategic ways to drive bottom-line growth.

And, because we’re an ADP affiliate, ADP payroll clients can take advantage of ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program. This convenient service:

  • Uses your ADP payroll data and carrier rates to calculate more accurate premium payments.
  • May eliminate large upfront premium deposit payments3 so there is less impact to your cash flow.
  • Helps eliminate administrative work associated with managing workers’ comp premium calculations and payments.
  • Spreads premium payments over the year to help improve cash flow.
  • Allows you to focus more time on your business and your customers.
  • Gives RUN powered by ADP clients access to the Certificates of Insurance.

Certificates of Insurance

Generate Certificates of Insurance in Real-Time!*

As an Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA) client for workers’ compensation, utilizing ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program, you can create, update, renew and retrieve your certificates of insurance directly from your RUN powered by ADP® payroll account.**
With Certificates of Insurance, you have control of your certificates.

Easy, Fast and Accurate certificates of insurance when you need them!
Learn more about the Certificates of Insurance.

When do I need to buy workers' compensation insurance?

In most states, workers' compensation insurance is required for companies with one or more employees. States typically enforce stiff penalties for employers who do not purchase workers' compensation insurance. Only a handful of states do not require employers to carry this type of coverage.

How much does workers' compensation insurance cost?

Workers' compensation insurance pricing is based on: your payroll, the number and job classifications of the employees, classification of your business and past loss experience. As the employer, you are responsible to pay for the cost of workers’ compensation premiums.

What does workers' compensation insurance do?

Workers' compensation insurance pays for the rehabilitation, recovery or medical bills of employees' work-related injuries, as well as lost time due to a work-related injury. Workers' compensation insurance is not a substitute for health or medical insurance — employees are only covered for on-the-job injuries.

1 Provided through our carrier partners.
2 This information covers only the offering of the Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment Program for Workers’ Compensation feature of ADP’s payroll processing services and does not include the offer or sale of insurance. Clients must be using ADP’s tax filing service to take advantage of ADP’s Pay-by-Pay.
3 While premium deposits may be eliminated by most carriers, mandatory state assessment fees may be required in some states.
4ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Report contains confidential employee payroll information. It is available only to the contact you have provided for workers’ compensation. The contact you have identified may be changed at any time by calling ADP Insurance Services customer service center at 1-800-524-7024.