When you hear the words health insurance, medical coverage may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, voluntary health benefits can be a huge win for both you and your employees.

1. Dental coverage

Regular dental check-ups can help catch problems before they get serious. And preventive care also contributes to overall wellness.

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2. Vision coverage

High blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes are often caught early through routine eye exams. By providing vision benefits, you may help lower your company’s long-term medical costs.

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3. Short/long-term disability

The risk of becoming disabled is greater than you might think. Disability coverage pays a portion of an employee’s salary if they can no longer perform their job.

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4. Group life insurance

In the event of a tragedy, group life insurance provides financial protection so employees and their families can focus on what matters.

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Why should you consider offering voluntary benefits?

65% of employees say it’s important that their employer offer [voluntary benefits].1

Benefits for you and your business:

Keep your best employees

Offer a more robust benefits package to your employees to help recruit and retain the best ones.

Little to no cost to you

Employees may pay up to 100% for voluntary plans so there is minimal impact to your bottom line.

Benefits for your employees:

Access and cost savings

Group rates are lower than what employees would pay if they purchased these plans on an individual basis.

Payroll deductions

You may allow employees to pay through payroll deductions which streamlines the benefits payment process.

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1 Source: Harris Interactive online survey for Transamerica Life Insruance Company, 2014