#1 Understand the basics

 Employers that offer company-sponsored benefits hold an annual open enrollment period allowing eligible employees to choose the benefits that best meet their needs.

The ACA has its own annual enrollment period between mid-November and mid-February for individuals, including company employees, who may need to purchase health insurance. Consider aligning your company’s annual enrollment with ACA’s may help streamline your efforts.

#2 Get up to speed with ACA

Compare your current coverage with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations. Even though your business may be under 50 employees, there are still requirements that need to be considered and not understanding what may apply to you can be costly.

#3 Shop beyond the standard

In addition to the standard medical coverage, consider ancillary offerings like dental, vision and group life insurance. A comprehensive health and benefits package may help you to attract and retain top talent.

 #4 Look at the whole picture

Premium rates aren’t everything. Many carriers continue to tighten their provider networks, raise deductibles and limit their coverage of costly drugs and procedures. Make sure you review a policy in its entirety before making a selection.

#5 Review savings opportunities

Flexible spending accounts (FSA), high deductible plans and premium only plans (POP) are just a few of the ways both you and your employees may be able save money on health insurance expenses. Look into these saving opportunities and your business' eligibility for participation.

DID YOU KNOW: 38% of employees say improving their benefits is one thing their employer could do to keep them in their job.1

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1 Source: 2015 Aflac WorkForces Report